Visual Range

Sturdy, economical and very versatile grass with an evergreen appearance and optimal conditions.

Ideal to shine.

Quality-price between 5mm and 25mm.

A range that attracts.


Efficient solutions that always meet any need.

Our Visual Range includes models of artificial grass with fiber between 5mm and 25mm that by their own characteristics, guarantee us the perfect balance between naturalness and practicality.

Models indicated for installation in public areas, events, gardens, terraces and as a decorative element in interiors, fairs and showcases.


The composition of its bicolor monofilament and chromatic curly fiber design that combines shades of green, brown and beige, endows each installation with resistance and the color of nature without the expense and maintenance of natural grass.

  • Short fiber with great resistance

    Monofilament with a special combination in its fibers that provide a green aspect providing texture both indoors and outdoors and highly resistant to weather conditions.

  • Cheap and easy to clean

    Models with stitches / m2 required to facilitate installation, maintenance and versatility, also used as decorative lawn indoors.

  • No fillings

    It is not necessary to fill it, although ballast with a load of 5-6 Kg / m2 of silica sand with a granulometry between 0.2 and 0.8mm is recommended to improve the humidity and freshness of the grass, facilitate drainage, improve its fixation to the ground and dissipate the static electricity.


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