Impress in your next event with a comfortable, colorful and impeccable surface.
Take care of the minimum detail to reach perfection.

cesped artificial para jardines y terrazas


Our models of artificial turf for events, fairs and celebrations are designed to provide realism, cleanliness, comfort to the step and offer us a perfect installation.

They are very versatile and indicated for intensive use, being able to adapt to all kinds of events, exhibitions, fairs, business events, sports, shows, weddings and celebrations.
An optimal solution that ensures the control and care of the smallest detail for the comfort of all attendees. You can also set up a chill-out area where guests can relax and even stretch on artificial turf.

Its technology allows us to enjoy our surface throughout the event thanks to its high resistance, which prevents the wear of the footprint or breakage by moving furniture such as shelves, tables, stands and other products.

In addition, it is an artificial turf that hardly needs maintenance, neither to be watered nor cut, saving us cost and time.



The artificial turf for events has a series of advantages that make it an ideal option to install:

  • High quality

    eurocesped® has superior quality models that guarantee a natural-looking and long-lasting installation.

  • Minimum maintenance

    It does not need to be cut, watered or fertilized, which means saving time, water and other maintenance costs.

  • Versatile and easy installation

    Its placement is a comfortable and fast process, being able to be installed in all kinds of gardens and terraces, balconies and attics.

  • Perfect aesthetics

    Presents an always green appearance, an impeccable end result given its careful aesthetics.

  • eurocesped® guarantee

    We manufacture our artificial turf with high technology that avoids possible setbacks. However, we have an 8 year warranty so you can enjoy it with peace of mind

Of your interest

  • Can it burn if a cigar falls?

    No. Artificial turf does not spread the flame, it extinguishes itself, that’s why is totally apt for events and celebration.

  • Is it easy to clean?

    Yes. During the dry months, the dust can deposit on the lawn, so it is advisable to wash it by watering it for a few minutes. This will keep the lawn colorful and bright.

  • Will the water drain well?

    Yes, because the drainage of our artificial grass is 85 liters / m2 / min. If the ground is well leveled and the installation is done correctly no puddings will form.

  • Tables, chairs or furniture can damage the artificial turf?

    No. At eurocesped we have specific models for these situations with a greater recovery and therefore 100% compatible with the furniture, tables or chairs of your terrace, however it is advisable to comb the artificial turf once every six months to maintain it optimally.


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