Sports Collection

Football, Paddle and Tennis, Golf, Hockey, Rugby and Multisport. Artificial turf for any sport guaranteed and professional.
A certain victory.

Accurate play

Our artificial turf models for sports can replace the natural grass on any court or track.

Football range

Superior quality artificial turf for football, manufactured under the FIFA parameters, providing a safe surface for playing.

Suitable for amateur and professional football: Quality SM, Goal Sport, Plus Sport, Great Goal, Amateur Grass and AD Indoor.

Paddle / Tennis Range

Special artificial turf for paddle and tennis manufactured under the parameters of the ITF, it ensures the practice of a safe and guaranteed game for players and amateurs.

Indicated for players and amateurs: Grand Slam and Master.

Golf Range

Special artificial turf for golf, providing excellent conditions for a precise and demanding game.

Suitable for clubs or private facilities: EuroGolf.

Multisport range

Multi-sport artificial turf, ideal to practice all kinds of sports in one place.

Suitable for schools, universities, sports centers and neighborhood associations: EuroSport.

Hockey Range

Special artificial turf for hockey manufactured under the parameters of the FIH, perfect color consistency, smoothness of the surface and taxi control.

Suitable for amateur and professional hockey: EuroHockey.

Rugby Range

Artificial turf for rugby, special to improve the gameplay of the field, resistance to sliding, shock absorption and comfort of the players.

Indicated for training rugby and official game fields: EuroRugby.

eurocesped® has professional teams for the design, installation and maintenance of artificial turf in all types of sports facilities.

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Sports Collection

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