Playgrounds Collection

EuroColors & EuroPlay Base. Artificial grass and cushion base for the safety, creativity and fun of the little ones.
Play safe

Cesped artificial Parques infantiles - Cesped artificial de colores eurocesped

Safety and Protection

Our models of artificial turf for playgrounds are antistatic products, so they prevent or reduce the development or accumulation of static electricity.

They have been designed for intensive use in playgrounds, complying with all the safety regulations in force.

Modelo cesped artificial Parques infantiles - Eurocolors


Product designed and developed combining a 100% safe technology for children with a structure designed for intensive use in tplaygrounds.

Suitable for playgrounds, available in 6 colors.

Modelo eurocesped Eurocolors - Sin base
Complement for EuroColors

EuroPlay Base

Maximum safety and comfort for the little ones.

Product designed to protect children during the game against serious head injuries. It can be installed under the artificial turf turning it into an impact absorbing surface.

For a quick installation, EuroPlay Base is composed of puzzle panels.


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