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cesped artificial para jardines y terrazas


Our models of artificial grass for gardens and terraces are designed to provide maximum softness to the touch and step, of a greater realism and naturalness of our surface always in perfect condition.

They are very versatile, being able to adapt to any type of garden, terrace, balcony or attic and thanks to their technology they assure us great resistance to be able to enjoy our long-term installation.

In addition, it is an artificial turf that hardly needs maintenance, neither to be watered nor cut, saving us cost and time.



The artificial turf for gardens and terraces presents a series of advantages that make it an ideal option to install:

  • High quality

    eurocesped® has superior quality models that guarantee a natural-looking and long-lasting installation.

  • Minimum maintenance

    It does not need to be cut, watered or fertilized, which means saving time, water and other maintenance costs.

  • Versatile and easy installation

    Its placement is a comfortable and fast process, being able to be installed in all kinds of gardens and terraces, balconies and attics.

  • Perfect aesthetics

    Presents an always green appearance, an impeccable end result given its careful aesthetics.

  • eurocesped® guarantee

    We manufacture our artificial turf with high technology that avoids possible setbacks. However, we have an 8 year warranty so you can enjoy it with peace of mind

Of your interest

  • Will I have to do works in the garden?

    Ground or grass surfaces require less work, with an average duration of 2-3 days. You will need herbicides, match the soil, compact and install the artificial turf, so the duration depends on the area. You can see it in our installation tutorial.

  • Sun or rain will damage it?

    No. You have a 8-year-warranty, plus, all materials are treated against ultraviolet rays. As for the rain, no problem: our artificial grass is number one in drainage (85 liters / mt2 / min.).

  • What maintenance does it require?

    Practically none. Occasional watering is recommended to remove dust and dirt (as we would do with any surface). Its look can be improved by brushing the turf once every 6 months approximately, depending on the use that we give it.


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