Paddle / Tennis Range

Special artificial turf for paddle and tennis manufactured under the parameters of the ITF, ensures the practice of a safe and guaranteed game for players and amateurs.

High intensity grass.

Safe grass for a consistent footprint.

A trend come true.


When talking about the necessary quality in the installation of artificial turf, it is important to emphasize that the thickness of synthetic turf carpets should not be as high as in an artificial turf soccer field nor too short since the touch and the ball’s bounce must be pleasant and similar to natural grass.

Paddle is a relatively young sport played with rackets that has had a great evolution and development in countries such as Spain. There are approximately 2 million paddle players and the sport has an enormous growth potential.

The use of artificial turf in the installation of paddle tennis is ideal for practicing the sport of paddle tennis cushioning not only the ball and the footsteps of the paddle player, but also to protect from possible falls and blows.


The artificial turf for paddle tennis and tennis provides a safe practice avoiding risk of injury.
eurocesped®, as a professional installation company of artificial grass courts for paddle tennis and tennis, offers its services with the guarantee of a long career in the installation of artificial sports turf.


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